The virtual meeting platform for importers and producers of alcoholic beverages. An online catalogue with the largest number of Spanish wine, beer and spirits brands.

About Us

At Linked Wine, our mission is to create the largest online catalogue of Spanish wine, beer, and spirits that will bring importers and producers closer quickly and saving costs.


How did the project come about?
At a time as complex as the COVID-19 pandemic, which has limited and changed the concept of fairs, business trips, and the search for new products, we designed this project to become the place of reference in the search for Spanish alcoholic beverages.

  • We are export and marketing experts with years of experience in the sector and we met in all conversations, both with importers and producers, with the same question, what will happen?
  • We believe that the uncertainty of the future should not be our guide, but rather help us focus on the present and see what we can change.
  • We are convinced that this is not the time to wait for everything to happen, but rather the time to bet on new market visions and come out stronger. Our future only relies on the decisions made in the present.

Are you an importer? An innovative filtering system will allow you to search, in a few clicks, for the brands and products that best suit your market according to product type, presentation, EXW price, and alcohol content ... More than 15 criteria that will help you get the product you are looking for in a few minutes. No costs, no intermediaries, quickly and easily.

Are you a producer? You do not need to know about web design, nor launch big campaigns. A simple showcase that will allow you to give visibility to your products, intuitive and easier to use than social networks. Add all the information about your company that you need: text, video, images... Enhance it with your product files and select the countries that you want to export to. You need nothing else.


Detailed information, own messaging system, and a videoconference system for our online meetings that will bridge the gap between importer and producer. Shall we taste together?


Permanent catalogue

Permanent catalogue of producers. With company profile and product data sheets, including availability in the country and EXW prices.

Advanced search

Advanced search with more than 15 criteria. Find the best product for your customers in just a few clicks.

Customized subscriptions

Customized subscriptions for small and large producers. We adapt to your needs.

Video conferencing

Secure video conferencing system for online meetings and trade shows. Your face-to-face meetings without unnecessary risks.

Promotions and messaging

Own proprietary systems for sending promotions and messaging. We shorten the distances between importer and producer.

Online fairs

Regular online fairs with verified importers from all over the world. Fast, easy and much cheaper than a traditional trade fair.

Sign Up

You are just one click away from accessing all our advantages. Register and start doing business now. If you are a producer, choose the subscription that best suits your business and don't miss out on any opportunities. If you are an importer, sign up and find your new products in a few minutes.

Featured Producers

What we have achieved so far

New solutions for new times.






Annual scheduled events


Hard Workers


You can download our rate comparison by clicking on the following links: English · Spanish



  • Innovative search engine
  • No commissions or intermediaries
  • We preserve your identity, you choose when you show your details
  • Access to available producers for your market
  • Free online fairs and tastings
  • Save your favourites products
  • Free 5cl bottle samples (no customs or shipping costs added)

Producer Basic

490.00€ / annual
( + taxes )

  • 1 Winery / Distillery / Brewery
  • 15 Products
  • 3 Regions / DOs
  • Events included per year
  • Promotions per month
  • Statistics
  • Top positions in importer's searches
  • Price per market
  • Multiuser

Producer Basic Plus

875.00€ / annual
( + taxes )

  • 2 Wineries / Distilleries / Breweries
  • 40 Products
  • 4 Regions / DOs
  • 2 Events included per year
  • 5 Promotions per month
  • Statistics
  • Top positions in importer's searches
  • Price per market
  • Multiuser

Producer Group

795.00€ / annual
( + taxes )

  • 3 Wineries / Distilleries / Breweries
  • 45 Products
  • 5 Regions / DOs
  • Events included per year
  • Promotions per month
  • Statistics
  • Top positions in importer's searches
  • Price per market
  • Multiuser

Producer Group Plus

1375.00€ / annual
( + taxes )

  • 5 Wineries / Distilleries / Breweries
  • 85 Products
  • 8 Regions / DOs
  • 3 Events included per year
  • 10 Promotions per month
  • Statistics
  • Top positions in importer's searches
  • Price per market
  • Multiuser

Producer Premium

2390.00€ / annual
( + taxes )

  • 10 Wineries / Distilleries / Breweries
  • 180 Products
  • 15 Regions / DOs
  • 6 Events included per year
  • 20 Promotions per month
  • Statistics
  • Top positions in importer's searches
  • Price per market
  • Multiuser

Minimum cost of an European trade fair for a medium-sized winery

Annual cost of trade fairs

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want more information about the FAQ, visit the full page of Frequently asked cuestions.

  • What are the payment methods?

    You can choose between payment by card or bank transfer. In the latter case your subscription will be valid as soon as your payment is validated.

  • Don't worry, all our importers are verified. That's why you won't be able to enter the platform immediately but I'm sure you will be able to do so within 24 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience, we do it for better operation of the platform.

  • Of course, depending on the number of wineries you need, choose the most appropriate subscription and create different wineries, distilleries or breweries, then you only have to upload the products associated with each of them.



If you want to contact us, you can do it through the following contact methods or by filling out the following form.


Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo
Pza. Vicente Aleixandre, 1
47151 Boecillo


+34 983 440079

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