Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

It all depends on whether you're a producer or an importer.

If you are a producer, click on sign up, choose your kind of subscription and start registering your data. If you have more doubts, watch the following video:

If you are an importer, click on sign up and fill in your details with your corporate email, you will soon receive your access link to our website. We verify the authenticity of all our importers for the security of both producers and other importers. If you have more doubts, watch the following video:

Can I register if I represent several wineries?

Of course, depending on the number of wineries you need, choose the most appropriate subscription and create different wineries, distilleries or breweries, then you only have to upload the products associated with each of them.

How many wineries/distilleries/breweries and products can I register?

The number of wineries/distilleries/breweries and products depends on the subscription chosen, you can check them on this link.

What are the payment methods?

You can choose between payment by card or bank transfer. In the latter case your subscription will be valid as soon as your payment is validated.

How do I know that the importers registered on the platform are real?

Every time an importer requests to join our platform he must do it by means of a corporate email, but it is also verified by our team and if it is deemed necessary, we can ask for more details to prove its authenticity.

I'm a producer, can I choose the markets where I appear?

Of course, you can choose in which countries you appear or not directly selecting by product.

What resources can I add to my producer profile?

It' s very simple, you have to work with it like a Word document, just start writing and if you double click with the mouse a box will appear to modify the text style, paragraph or add a video. You can also choose an image and drag it or copy and paste it to appear in your presentation.

I’m a producer, can I send messages to importers?

If you have a Plus or Premium subscription, you have a system for sending promotions, through which you can send messages to the importers of a certain country and create promotional campaigns, newsletters, etc.

We also have a messaging system with which you can communicate in a direct way with an importer, but in this case, it is the importer who initiates the communication.

Where can I access the video conference system?

The video conference system works during the scheduled events and if you are registered in any of them, it will appear in the left column, under your access to your producer/importer panel, products, messaging...

How do the events work?

It is very simple; you choose the event and you make your registration. A few weeks before the event, we will open the agenda so that you can organize your appointments. The day before you will receive your planning and on the day of the event the appointments will be loaded at the scheduled times. You only need your webcam and activate the microphone; we take care of the rest. Without additional software, you only need a computer with internet access. We have our own secure videoconferencing system that allows us to hold meetings with a duration of 25 minutes and a 5-minute break between each meeting.

What is the cost of the events?

The costs have a fixed cost of 250€+ taxes regardless of the chosen market or the number of meetings held.

I am an importer. I have registered and I can't enter. What's going on?

Don't worry, all our importers are verified. That's why you won't be able to enter the platform immediately but I'm sure you will be able to do so within 24 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience, we do it for better operation of the platform.

What kind of products will I find?

Our platform is a catalogue of wines, beer and alcoholic drinks of Spanish origin.

All the products listed are related to a producer's profile and collect such important data as type of product, alcoholic strength, presentation (bulk or bottled), type of packaging, EXW price... More than 15 criteria that will help importers to be able to search in detail for the best products for their market. You can also mark your favorites, so you don't lose them.

I am an importer, how can I contact the producers?

You have three different methods.

  • The email or telephone provided by the producer in his profile.
  • Our own messaging system if you prefer to have a first contact before giving your corporate contact information.
  • Video conference system, reserved for the meetings scheduled in our online events.

I am an importer, can producers contact me?

There are two methods of sending messages. The promotion system and the messaging box. The producers can send messages through the promotion system, but they are general messages by country (Promotion campaign, newsletter, etc.) but they can send you direct messages through the own messaging system only if you start the conversation first.

Does Linked Wine charge a commission of any kind?

No, we only charge for subscriptions and events. We do not charge any kind of commission; we are totally independent of any agreements reached between producers and importers.

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